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At anbian, we help organisations transform their safety and risk management performance, leading to improved productivity and culture.

Our methodologies have been proven over the last decade in successful safety turnarounds in mining, construction, government and rail industries in Australia and China.  We have worked with ASX 50 businesses, including five of the top ten mining companies in Australia and the Victorian and Queensland governments.

Having worked from frontline to boardroom, we know that many organisations struggle to put in place simple and valuable safety systems that improve not just health & safety, but that also  help improve overall business performance.  Health and safety systems and initiatives are often seen as “add-ons” or “knee-jerk” reactions, and line leadership waits to see if they really need to get involved.  At the same time, many industries have focussed so hard on legal protection that they have developed systems which are almost unworkable at the front line.

We want to help improve safety and risk management through simplification, and a core focus on human behaviour and critical controls.  Drive for best practice in these areas will benefit all business performance measures.

We know first hand the toll a workplace or public fatality has on the people involved, their families, and the wider organisation.  We work every day to prevent fatalities and business-changing risks.

Our leading approach combines the latest thinking in critical control management, human behaviour influence techniques, and systems simplification.  It’s a tried and tested methodology that we adapt within range to suit each organisation’s unique situation and future goals.  Our approach will leave your organisation with clarity of direction, clear roles and requirements, a stronger leadership and safety culture, and a much improved understanding of how material risks and critical controls are being managed.

Read our case studies to learn more about what we do, and contact us to discuss your challenges and opportunities.

The marker of a strong organisation is it’s safety performance – and that can only be achieved by having a clear understanding of how risk is managed, from top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top.  If you’re a fit for our model of work, we can help you transform your organisation.


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